Glory to God and the great canvas which He has stretched across the skies to show the ever changing majesty of His artistic skill. God is perpetually painting a glorious new image for us to behold and admire. Watch the sunrise and how the colors and patterns of God's great works ripple and move across the earth and its waters. Watch the clouds as they move across the sky in their myriad shapes and colors and hues and sizes. Watch the sunset as the hues reflect the mood of the moment.

God's paintbrush is greater than that of any mortal. The works of all the great artists of the world throughout its history could never match the infinite paintings created before our eyes each day by God's miraculous paintbrush.

The great works of God are being distorted and hidden behind a pall of pollution created by greed and ignorance. No longer can we admire the night paintings of the milky way, the stars, the planets and the moon as they sweep across the sky, for the wasteful lighting of our cities and towns. No longer can we admire God's skill, and his great evolving artistic works, because the air is filled with smoke from the burning of His forests.

We must show our respect for God and the works of His paintbrush by ceasing the plunder of Creation. We must return to good stewardship and stop wasting the precious resources of the planet. We must clear the air and bring back the beauty and majesty of the infinite design created by God's paintbrush.

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